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American Financials Groups was founded in 1998 is primarily geared towards providing financial solutions to different types of clients from various industries, size and location. Our deep understanding of the market dynamics, a well-developed analytical approach to business situations and our well experienced team enable us to provide innovative actionable recommendations that are cost effective and proactively respond to critical challenges and complexities of the business environment. In our pursuit to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives, we take pride in our team of dynamic and flexible internal staff as well as a roaster of well pronounced external consultants that have diversified experience which enables us to provide top quality customized services that fit the needs and requirements of our diversified customers’ needs.



Creating financial prosperity and business growth.



Providing a distinguished customer focused financial consulting services that achieves success, prosperity and growth to our clients.


Core values

Customer focused: Our clients take top priority because we seek customer delight and satisfaction.
Flexible: American Financials Group strives to provide its clients with a wide range of financial services and consultations that is tailored to the client needs and potential growth requirements. In our attempt to realize flexibility, our team continuously researches and analyzing the challenges of the business environment and its economic implications.
Integrity: A place where trust, respect and honesty are standards of quality that American Financials group pursues among its team members, which, in turn is reflects our precious personality when dealing with our clients.
Empathy and teamwork: Empathic listening and knowledge sharing is a value that guides every success story we achieve with our clients. It is through our diversified team and our passion for our customers’ needs are the building blocks of every success we realize.
Practical knowledge: At American Financials Group, we continuously analyze the business environment challenges and complexities in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date practical financial solutions that achieves our clients’ growth and prosperity.
Standards and structure: American Financials Group is built around highest quality internal stands, procedures and structure that backs all its dealings with our clients.